What type of equipment do you have on the premises?

Our goal is to keep things simple and effective. Body weight exercises are at the core of our approach at Physical Therapy Associates of South Florida in Tamarac. This means you will learn exercises that you can also do at home to better reach your therapy goals. Our patients tend to recover faster and better due to this. We intentionally do not use fancy nor complicated gym equipment.

How long does each session last?

Generally, your initial visit will last 1 hour. Following visits last from 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your injury. Most patients come 2-3 visits per week and treatment take a number of weeks depending on the condition.

Do I always see the same therapist?

You are assigned a single primary therapist that you will see throughout your time with us. We have seen over the years how important this relationship is to help speed recovery times.

How is this family run clinic different to corporate chain physical therapy clinics down the street?

1) TIME & ATTENTION: Our clinic gives everyone a full session that typically runs 45 minutes with a dedicated therapist. Our rule is to have a limited amount of patients at one time to give you the attention you need. Therapeutic exercise & activity is the heart of our treatment.

2) QUALITY CARE: We are an evidence based practice – we believe in science and keeping with practices that are tried and true. We don’t try to dazzle with fancy complicated equipment or sell anyone on nutritional supplements. Instead, we keep it simple. Our focus is on effective body weight exercises with straightforward instructions. We educate our patients on things they can also do at home. As healing happens and our patients progress, they see their exercises be modified to reflect their stage of healing.

3) RELATIONSHIPS: We are all about you. You are a person to us, not a number, a wallet or some abstract condition. You are the reason we come to work every day and make us proud as you get better. Being kind, welcoming and compassionate is a starting point of everything we do.

What does the therapist do during the session?

Your therapist follows your customized treatment plan to reach your therapy goals. Think of your therapist as a skilled guide, providing instruction, tips and feedback to ensure you are exercising with safe and effective form. They monitor your progress and adapt the intensity of your exercises to each of the healing stages. We are all there for your questions and to check in with you for updates on how you are feeling, sleeping, and progressing through your recovery. You will be assigned a single therapist for the course of your treatment because we have seen this helps speed recovery times.

What if I am in pain, how can I exercise?

We are pain relief experts (non-pharmaceutical pain relief). On a rough day, patients still come to us to feel better. Massage, ultrasound therapy, electric stimulation and cryotherapy can provide quick relief. Gentle stretching, assisted stretching and low-intensity mobility exercise can also provide longer term relief. We will meet you where you are – even if your pain levels are higher on any given day.

How clean is your clinic?

Physical Therapy Associates of South Florida in Tamarac keeps immaculate standards and surpasses the CDC’s recommended guidelines for a service that the Federal and State governments have identified as an essential service. EPA-registered disinfectants are used as per the EPA’s emerging viral pathogen program.

What do I need to wear for my initial appointment?

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and closed-shoe sneakers.

Should I bring any X-rays and MRI reports with me?

Yes, please bring X-Rays MRI reports AND your doctor’s referral to therapy to Physical Therapy Associates of South Florida in 7171 N. University Dr., Tamarac, FL 33121.

What types of treatments do you perform?

We will customize a personalized plan for your particular injury. Typical treatments include electrical stimulation, use of heat pads, stretching, therapeutic exercises, soft tissue massage, joint mobilization and ice.

I prefer to pay for Physical Therapy with my Insurance? What if I don’t have enough sessions?

We recommend starting therapy and see how your body responds. If you need more sessions we will lobby for you to get you what you need. Sometimes knowing the system and “medical speak” is what is needed to justify additional sessions.

Can I pay cash?

Yes, you can. We offer affordable cash rates and packages for physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments. Be aware that if you are covered under a health plan but decide to self pay, your payments will not reflect on your deductible.

Where is Physical Therapy Associates of South Florida?

Our address is 7171 N. University Dr., Tamarac, FL 33121. We are on University Drive, just North of McNab and Woodmont Hospital on the west side of the road.

Does this physical therapy clinic treat injuries in a car accident ?

There is no better place for recovery from a car accident injury in Tamarac as Physical Therapy Associates of South Florida.
The reason for this is Dr David Seidner is a true spinal expert and is dually licensed as both a chiropractor and physical therapist. He and his team know what it takes to get you back on your feet.