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Are you done feeling back pain every day? Are you tired of being less active than you would like to be and feeling unable to accomplish your goals? We understand your feelings and want to help. Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Associates of South Florida serves the community of Tamarac and the surrounding areas with comprehensive chiropractic care that will help you feel your best and achieve your health goals. 

Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Associates of South Florida Your Tamarac Chiropractor

Conditions Treated with Chiropractic Care

Nearly any doctor can add chiropractic care to the treatment of any condition and find that it is an effective addition to their medical plan, for conditions ranging from arthritis to broken bones, from migraines to TMJ. We specifically treat patients who come in with back pain from auto accidents, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, muscle strain, and more. If you are dealing with chronic pain or recovering from sudden pain from an injury, then we can help you heal from the inside out without invasive measures. 

Services Provided to Our Patients

Chiropractic Adjustment and Chiropractic Massage - Chiropractic services at the hands of an expert who understands the anatomy of the spine and all the nerves that connect it to the rest of the body's system can improve your posture and reduce any pain associated with poor posture or ergonomics. Further, if you have suffered from an auto accident or back injury, chiropractic care and adjustment may be exactly what you need to aid your recovery. 

Nutritional Counseling – Often, healing properly means eating properly and if you have certain issues in your life, such as insomnia or weight fluctuations, you may be surprised to find that the issue originates in your diet. Nutritional counseling can help you achieve your goals from the inside out.

Physical Therapy - If you have been injured, are recovering strength after a period of immobility, or need to improve strength in a certain area in order to prevent relapse, then we can be your go-to for physical therapy services. 

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Contact us at Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Associates of South Florida for chiropractic services in Tamarac and the surrounding towns. We are proud to provide quality wellness services to improve your quality of life and reduce your pain. End the cycle of sleepless nights, sitting out of activities you once enjoyed, and building your life around pain, with a phone call to the experts in back and neck pain. Call today, at 954-951-6699.

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  • John Pangerl
    P.T.A., B.A. Aquatic Specialist
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  • Nancy Tienhaara
    MS, EMT, ATC
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    Office Manager
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  • Dr.
    David Seidner
    P.T. D.C., P.A.
    Dr. Seidner has been freeing people from pain since 1980. As the only dually trained and licensed Physical Therapist and Chiropractor in south Florida, Dr. Seidner is committed to a more holistic approach to the health and well being of his patients.
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    "Thanks to your technique Dr. Seidner, I have canceled my appointment with the surgeon. Not only am I completely convinced that this technique works, I am literally walking proof. I would have never thought that I could have the health that I have today without surgery. Those around me agree as they have watched the transformation before their eyes. I understand that I have a way to go but I am still in awe of my improvement and confident in my recovery."


    "I canceled the surgery. I started to get relief right away. The treatment felt great. It was very relaxing. Gradually the pain went completely away. I can turn my head any direction without pain. I have no arm pain. I can sleep all night and am not taking any medication at all."