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Services Provided By Our Tamarac Chiropractor

In order to stay healthy and sustain a healthy lifestyle, you will need chiropractic care in your life. From nutritional counseling to massage therapy, our chiropractor in Tamarac, Florida can help to improve your overall well-being with chiropractic care. Keep reading to find out more information about the amazing services that Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Associates of South Florida has to offer, including how to contact us to make an appointment.

Services Provided By Our Tamarac Chiropractor

Our Rehabilitation Services

From everyday low back pain to extreme sports injuries, our bodies can endure many different types of problems. When these issues do happen, it’s best to seek professional care quickly from a trusted provider like us. Check out our reliable services below:

Chiropractic Care 

We're proud to carry a wide variety of chiropractic solutions that are focused on your personalized needs. From manual adjustments to massage therapy, these techniques can help soothe muscles and reduce pain. Additionally, we are happy to offer solutions to common conditions, such as sciatica, low back pain, herniated disc, sports injuries, ergonomic issues, shoulder pain, and much more. 

Corrective Exercises

Sometimes an improvement in your exercise routine can be a great solution for improving your overall health. Here at Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Associates of South Florida, we have dedicated health professionals who can guide you through proper exercise routines that are focused on your personalized goals.

Lifestyle Advice

Our health experts aren’t here to only offer chiropractic adjustments, we are here to also provide a wide variety of health solutions, including lifestyle advice. Sometimes all a patient needs is proper advice on how to eat better, exercise more, and how to live an overall healthier lifestyle.

Nutritional Counseling

Especially in this day and age with fast food restaurants at every corner, it’s hard to receive proper nutrition on a daily basis. We can guide you through a dieting plan that focuses on improving your nutritional intake. We can suggest different foods and drinks that are not only tasty, but that are also focused on improving your diet.

We Are Proud to Carry These Other Services:

    • Physical Therapy
    • Post-Surgical Rehab
    • Pain Management
    • Balance Therapy
    • Sports Medicine
Whether you are struggling with low back pain or you would like to improve your diet, Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Associates of South Florida can help improve your quality of life. To make an appointment with our trusted team in Tamarac, Florida, give us a call today at 954-951-6699.


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