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How do I find good Physical Therapy near me?

How do I choose a good physical therapy clinic?  

Where to start? Let’s say I had a car accident in Coral Springs Florida and have whiplash and shoulder pain. First things first, I am looking for physical therapy near me. Too far away and it is more likely I may miss sessions. I may choose a physical therapy clinic such as Dr David Seidner’s Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Associates of South Florida in nearby Tamarac Florida as it is 5 miles from my home. I can’t underestimate the importance of convenience because I am committing to come several times a week. Start looking close to home.

How is the physical therapy clinic rated? 

Look to a source like google business reviews and be sure there are at least 50+ reviews. Read the positive and negative. Look at social media like facebook.com/physicaltherapytamarac to get more insights. Referrals from doctors you trust are important but I always do my own research too.

Corporate Physical Therapy or Family Run?

Next thing to look for is to find out if this a corporate multi-chain physical therapy clinic or a family run clinic? Corporate clinics tend to have high volume, at some, therapists are expected to handle up to 4 patients per hour - even the therapist may change from day to day. I appreciate a physical therapy clinic that is geared to offer me the same therapist for each session. It is important to me to have a licensed therapist rather than a physical therapy “tech” so I get the best treatment. I know my condition will benefit from having sufficient personal attention.  Last but not least, I wanted to be treated as a person  rather than as a wallet - no 30 minute sessions for me. I am not at the clinic to be "upsold" expensive nutrition packages unrelated to my condition.

How important are the exercise machines?

Something I don’t need is fancy machines or a gym atmosphere. Whiplash requires careful medical treatment and Therapeutic Exercises. Physical Therapy exercises should be simple and effective ones that I can do safely at home with no equipment or bare minimum of equipement. Body weight exercises are often ideal for this.

What is the area of expertise of the clinic?

Consider your medical injury or condition and the focus of the physical therapy clinic. If you have a pelvic floor issue look for this specialization, if you have neck or back issue it is valuable to have a clinic that has special focus in this area. A dually licensed expert like Dr David Seidner in Tamarac is trained both as a physical therapist and a chiropractor is able to provide the best care for all spinal related conditions.

What should I look for in a great physical therapy session for whiplash and back pain? 

Firstly, I look for a clinic that listens to my concerns  and includes my input on my own therapy goals so treatment matches what I want to get out of therapy! Let’s say my physical therapist and I identify my goals as 1) pain reduction in my neck and shoulder 2) improve neck range of motion (so I can be able to return to work as a driver and be able to turn my head and check my blind spot) 3) increase strength in my back as I want to be able to pick up my 3 year old again.

Feeling comfortable and communicating at Physical Therapy - very important !

Next I want my therapy to match my goals. To reach my pain reduction goal  physical therapy clinics use “modalities”  such as massage, ice or Kinesio Tape. Since everyone is different, one modality may be helpful for some patients but does not work for me. It is important to be able to communicate well with your therapist. In this way therapy can be adjusted to what works. Feeling comfortable with my therapist is key to being able to communicate what I am feeling and what I want.

Therapeutic Exercise versus Therapeutic Activities

Let’s say my primary therapy goal is functional, in my case, since I am a parent of a 3 year old I want to be able to pick her up and carry her to bed. So my physical therapy Functional Activity should reflect my goal. It could specifically involve the same motion of picking up a child which may include squatting, picking up a weight similar to my child’s weight and standing up again - a dynamic sequence to mimic the goal activity.
As another example: a Therapeutic Activity for me as delivery driver that needs to check blind spots when driving may be doing a sequence in seated position (like when I drive) and turning my head and looking back at a target (to simulate another car).
In both the examples above I am doing a Therapeutic Activity rather than just a Therapeutic Exercise. The difference is that the movement is structured around a functional goal rather than a broader strength goal or range of motion goal.
As a third example if I had troubles getting up and out of a car, due to the injury sustained in the motor vehicle accident, a Therapeutic Activity would be to move my legs to the side to mimic getting out of a car, then do transfer from seated to standing.

What else makes for a good Physical Therapy clinic?

An effective physical therapy clinic will educate me on my condition and its prognosis. I should feel more independent and confident thanks to physical therapy.  In addition they may advise on what items for home I could buy to make life better such as a special pillow to support an injured limb for better sleep. Perhaps a TENS unit would be helpful to  manage the pain  and minimize use of pain killers. Likewise I should be educated on my home exercise plan. During sessions I should receive cues for proper biometric form and posture to be sure I am doing the exercise correctly.  Therapeutic Exercises should be challenging but not painful. Also my exercises should be “progressed” so as I get stronger the resistance level is increased.

I hope you will find the right clinic for you to provide effective physical therapy to reach your therapy goals!

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