Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment in Tamarac, FL

Many experience back pain at some point in life. In fact, about 80 percent of people do. While the most common reason for doctor’s office visits is upper-respiratory problems, back pain holds the number two spot. Physical Therapy Associates of South Florida has helped patients in Tamarac, FL, for years with back pain—helping them achieve normalcy after experiencing seemingly unsolvable issues. A chiropractor Tamarac resident’s need is one they can trust. If you need back pain treatment, we're here to offer comprehensive treatment.

Back pain can be ongoing and problematic—but it can also be sharp, intense and painful. Even day-to-day movements can cause back pain, although many cases are caused by direct injuries, joint issues, and worn-down cartilage. Experts believe back pain is the most disabling medical condition around the world, hindering entire lifestyles if it isn’t treated.

Back Pain Treatment

What Causes Back Pain?

The source of back pain can be difficult to identify. This said, medical research, interventions, and an ever-evolving approach to back pain has given us a lot of insight. In most cases, soft-tissue injuries and mechanical issues are the roots of back pain. These issues involve damage to the back’s intervertebral discs, spinal joint wear-and-tear as well as nerve root compression.

Muscle and Ligament Strain

In many cases, back pain occurs suddenly. Sometimes, however, it can develop slowly until it’s unbearable. Muscle and ligament strains occur when either is stretched too far. When this happens, the muscle or ligament can tear—damaging the back’s muscles.

In some cases, an individual might experience a back sprain—which happens if an over-stretched back directly impacts the ligaments. Ligaments connect the back’s bones together, making them troublesome if they’ve been damaged.

Herniated Discs

Your back’s lumbar discs have jelly-like centers. Sometimes, this soft center breaks through the disc’s tough exterior—irritating the area’s nerve root. This is called a herniated disk—and it can cause excessive inflammation due to its compression of the root. Lumbar discs are comprised of many nerve fibers, too, which means a single tear can cause pain to erupt.


Sciatica occurs when leg nerve pain is caused by the compression, or simple irritation, of the back’s sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve runs down the leg, causing a constant burning sensation—or even an acute, shooting pain—which runs from the lower back down to the foot area.

In many cases, sciatic nerve damage occurs due to a herniated lumbar disc—but it can also be caused by muscle spasms and joint dysfunctions.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Much more chronic than other back pain causes, degenerative disc disease occurs at birth. Intervertebral discs are filled with water—but, for some people, this water depletes over time. As the back’s lumbar discs lose hydration, they can’t handle daily stresses well.

Back Pain Treatment in Tamarac, FL

Because there are many causes for back pain, expert chiropractic care is often needed. The experts of Physical Therapy Associates of South Florida help Tamarac, FL; patients get relief for ongoing and acute back pain alike. Using physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and medical intervention, they can reduce many back pain stresses—healing even some of the most troublesome pains. You can contact us at 954-951-6699 to schedule an appointment today!

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